Pup Maxx

a good boy in Chicago.

  • I have some pretty mixed feelings about maintenance spankings.

    I’m not a fan of punishing, or being punished, without there being a good reason. My mind and my heart are the most relaxed and comfortable when the world is more clearly black and white, where good deeds are recorded and bad things are punished.

    Maintenance spankings should definitely be a part of that.

    Ideally, a sub or a slave should to be spanked because it has done an acceptable job. But the reality of the world mean that it will inevitably make mistakes, whether the slave is aware of it or not.

    So I “enjoy” maintenance spankings. In my mind, it is important to have a regular avenue for the punishing and forgiving of the guilt that I feel, even if I can’t remember them. It’s for things like not holding the door for others, or accidentally saying the wrong things, or maybe having the wrong kind of thoughts.

  • What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

    As a pup, how could I not love the national pup days? National Dog Day? National Pup Day? Hehehe!

    It’s really just an excuse for me to be extra silly, to insist upon more scritches, and to be cute and adorable! In other words: It’s an excuse for me to be me. And to try to make my owner happy.

  • The greatest joy and reward of being a pup — especially being @LifestyleOwner’s pup — is the deep sense of belonging and ownership. I finally began to feel it a few days ago, when I woke up one morning and realized that, for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel lonely. Even though I had woken up alone, as I often am, I no longer felt lonely.

    Even though rationally I knew that I was in Chicago and he in Houston, it felt like he was only in the other room, and all I needed to do was to get up and wander over and I’d see him there.

    My owner is not only my owner and my Dominant, but he is my best friend and the center of my universe. In pup space, he is the partner of cuddles, the giver of treats, and the source of scritches. He is all things good and happy; he is my owner, and I am his pup, and I am so much better because of it.

  • I see my humans as being part of a higher power. There are things that humans can do that I cannot.

    Pups don’t have opposable thumbs like humans do, so it’s harder for me to open things or fetch things that don’t easily fit into my mouth. But pups also don’t have the same social skills as humans do, so it’s harder for me to understand how people are feeling without nudging them with my snout to ask them.

    I think being a human is exhausting. Life as a pup is much easier. The world is a lot simpler — treats come when being good, discipline comes when being bad. Bark when happy, whine when sad; hide in the cage when scared, and howl for attention when upset.

    People are complicated. People have feelings and emotions, they need sympathy and empathy and interacting with them requires much more brain processing and conscious thought. What’s the right thing to do here? How will what I say impact them? How do I take responsibility for the consequences of my actions?

    Life is hard.