I see my humans as being part of a higher power. There are things that humans can do that I cannot.

Pups don’t have opposable thumbs like humans do, so it’s harder for me to open things or fetch things that don’t easily fit into my mouth. But pups also don’t have the same social skills as humans do, so it’s harder for me to understand how people are feeling without nudging them with my snout to ask them.

I think being a human is exhausting. Life as a pup is much easier. The world is a lot simpler — treats come when being good, discipline comes when being bad. Bark when happy, whine when sad; hide in the cage when scared, and howl for attention when upset.

People are complicated. People have feelings and emotions, they need sympathy and empathy and interacting with them requires much more brain processing and conscious thought. What’s the right thing to do here? How will what I say impact them? How do I take responsibility for the consequences of my actions?

Life is hard.


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